University Creative Writing and Publishing Courses

Interested in getting a degree in creative writing or publishing? This is a question that a lot of aspiring creatives ask themselves. 

Whether or not you pursue higher education in the field is something you should take some time to weigh. While journalism, blog writing, and book publishing aren’t entirely in high demand, there are many other opportunities to use your newfound writing skills, especially if you look at the amount of money being spent by streaming services and video game companies. Someone has to help write that content, and it could be you.

Getting a degree can also give you the confidence and mentorship you may need to start a long and meaningful creative journey through life.

So, where can you start looking to find a degree in writing and publishing? Here are a few of our picks.

The University of Baltimore M.F.A.

The University of Baltimore offers a degree program in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts. Here, students will learn to write fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in a M.F.A. program that has been recognized by “Poets & Writers” magazine. Graduates are also given the opportunity to host a book festival and present their final thesis project: A book they wrote, designed, and produced.

The program is designed to ensure that students graduate with the skill necessary to compete in the industry by understanding all aspects of writing, editing, and publishing. You will also find yourself in the Boston area, experiencing a diverse and creative community of artists of all backgrounds and styles.

The Master’s University

The Master’s University’s Creative Writing & Publishing will find you in Santa Clarita, California. Just 30 miles outside of Los Angeles, students are in a prime area for quick entry into a number of billion-dollar industries that are always on the lookout for rising talent.

The program covers a broad range of topics, including drawing, writing for various genres, storytelling in multimedia, getting your work published, and a lot more. 

Not only do you have the advantage of being close to entertainment studios, but you will also be learning from knowledgeable staff and the creative energy of the students around you. Projects you will work on include graphic novels, short films, and feature-length productions, to name a few.

Emerson College

The Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing course from Emerson College is an online M.F.A. program that offers you the flexibility to complete each course on your schedule, regardless of circumstances.

The program is built around online workshops, seminars, and publishing courses that help you to write better, explore the genre more deeply, and take steps towards seeing your work published. 

There are full-time and part-time options available, with support from advisors and a network of writers, publishers, and publishing professionals.

DeSales University

DeSales University offers an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Publishing with a choice to specialize in poetry or fiction writing. This program is a hybrid online course with two 10-day residencies that take place on campus.

Residencies include writing workshops, speakers from the industry, retreats, and much more. Through all of this and more, students will build their skills in research, writing, and publishing.