Tips for Writing 1,000 Words a Day

If only you could write a thousand words a day!

Assuming the average book is upwards words of 90,000 words, writing at this volume would mean completing a draft for a novel in only three months. 

Keep working at that pace, and you might be able to do at least two or three novels a year while having time to publish your work.

If you ever wonder how some writers have been able to publish hundreds of books during their careers, getting to a thousand or more words a day is an important start.

Try some of the below tips and see if they help you to hit this daily writing goal.

Set Your Goal

Just like you need to sit down and write each day, you also need to hold yourself accountable.

If you only say that you are going to write each day but never set a word goal, you won’t have any problems writing a single sentence before stopping for the day.

Build Up Your Writing Muscle

Just like with weight lifting, for example, you want to start with a lighter weight and slowly work up to a heavier weight.

Begin with 250 words. This is roughly equivalent to a page of a book. After a week or two of writing at this volume, add another 250 words. Do this repeatedly until you are comfortable with 1,000word. 

At first, it might take you a few hours to reach 1,000 words. In time, you will pick up your speed. Once you can write 1,000 words easily, increase your goal to 2,000 words.

Write Fast and Edit Later

Writers love to sabotage themselves by backing away when inspiration strikes.

When you get into a good rhythm, don’t stop because of bad grammar, a sentence that feels wrong, you forgot the name of characters, or other details you can easily correct later.

Each time you stop writing to go back and change something, you are increasing your chances of losing that rhythm and getting frustrated and no longer writing for the day. 

Some authors leave marking in their writing where they need to go back and fix something later. You can do something as simple as an asterisk or several ellipses. 

Later, simply do a “Find” search using your mark to track down what you want to change.

Take a Break and Do Something Else

Some writers like keeping themselves glued to their chairs. Even if they aren’t writing, the act of starring at the screen ensures they are ready to go when inspiration strikes.

This one is up to you.

But a walk outside, a trip to a coffee shop, or a conversation with a friend might help to get your brain in a different mindset for a little while. When you get back to writing, you may find inspiration comes more freely.

Understand Change is Hard

If you are the type of writer that has always worked slowly, carefully choosing each word and revising everything you write several times before moving on, then changing your writing habits will be hard.

This should not come as a surprise. Simply be proactive and try to catch yourself each time you slip up. 

When you slip up, don’t doubt yourself. Simply get back to writing. 

Final Thoughts

Writing more words in a day can be useful for a few reasons.

The first is that it can show that you are capable of writing a lot more in a single sitting than you thought. Even if you like to edit as you go, by pushing yourself to write at a higher capacity, you may find that your writing efficiency improves without a loss of quality.

Secondly, it can help you to finish drafts sooner. Those who get bored with working on the same project for too long or prefer finding the story during the editing process will benefit greatly from getting their projects done that much sooner.

Lastly, it can help your career. Being an efficient writer in a world where people are turning to AI to write for them, fewer people are reading, and content is more disposable, being able to produce a larger variety of work for clients, agents, and publishers in a timely manner increase your chances of getting noticed and, hopefully, paid.