These Publications Still Publish Short Stories

Having your work professionally published has never been an easy task. That still hasn’t changed, but today it is more convenient.

If you want to get your name out there or need to show a history of having your work published in your portfolio, it is a good idea to look into where and how to publish your work.

Each publication has different rules, guidelines, and costs. So make sure that you put in the effort to completely review each website to avoid wasting everyone’s time; the worst thing you can do is engage with the submission process haphazardly. You will quickly be rejected and make a name for yourself as someone who nobody will want to work with.

Here are a few places you should consider when looking to publish your work.

Where to Submit Stories

The New Yorker

The New Yorker is the most reputable and highly regarded of any publication on this list. Unfortunately, this also means competition is high, and very few people will see their work accepted.

It is still worth a shot to try. Simply submit your work via a PDF attachment. All works are reviewed within ninety days. Those who are accepted will be contacted; if you do not receive any notification, that likely means your work was not accepted. You can learn more on The New Yorker website.

The Common

The Common is a web publication that publishes fiction, essays, and poetry from all around the world. The publication notes that they are looking for works from “black, indigenous, people of color, disabled, LGBTQIA+-identifying, immigrant, international, and/or otherwise from communities underrepresented in U.S. literary magazines and journals.”

You can submit work for review all year, but reading periods only occur during specific periods. If you submit your work, you may not be notified for a period of time that it has been accepted or rejected.

Make sure to use the specified form for submissions, as everything else will be rejected.


Slice is a publication that seeks to help emerging writers break into the publishing world. Slice not only publishes submitted works, but they also publish articles about what goes on behind the scenes with editors, writers, and publishers. 

Those interested can submit their creative work for review, with an opportunity to earn $400 for stories and essays, $150 for flash fiction, and $100 for poems. There are rules for maximum story length and how many pieces of content you can submit. 

Learn about the submission process and when the reading periods are here.

Asimov’s Science Fiction

Bearing the namesake of one of the most important contributors, the magazine publishes works of science fiction and pays up to ten cents per word for 7,500 words stories, and eight cents for words after 7,500 words. Stories shorter than 1,000 words and those longer than 20,000 are typically not published. The publication also publishes works of fiction for $1 per line up to 40 lines. 

When publishing, keep in mind that the publication favors character stories and accessible science, rather than hard science fiction. Stories can also include elements of fantasy, slipstream, and surreal; but sword & sorcery, sex, and violence are not wanted.

Learn more about the guidelines and submission process here.

Is Publishing Right For You?

Yes, of course, you should want to publish your work! Publishing content is a great way to break into the industry, gain a reputation, and learn how the publishing industry works. This is a critical step for many people who are on the way to publishing novels or longer works of fiction. Also consider the benefits of studying the writing styles of authors who are more experienced than you.