Fiction Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

Tired of movies and television? Not feeling like reading right now? Music not what it once was? 

Try a fiction podcast. They are great during evenings relaxing on the couch or even while at the gym. Try to use your imagination and see what is going on in the story being read to you. 

These are a few of our top fiction podcasts to listen to in 2021.

Hello From The Magic Tavern

Hello From The Magic Tavern is an improvised comedy show set in the world of Foon, which has been accessed by the show’s main hosts, Arnie, after falling into a portal behind a Burger King. Two additional hosts take on magic personas and help Arnie to survive in the mythical lands of Foon and, with the help of a few allies, may one day defeat the Dark Lord of Foon.


Faerie is an audio drama in a faux-documentary style. The series follows the investigations of Ryan Bailey, a young woman, who after saving a man’s life, has her reality thrown into disarray when she is now faced with helping to uncover the secrets of a hidden world full of mythological creatures. In this story, the supernatural exists, there are extensive government cover-ups, and ancient folklore happens to be real.

Alice Isn’t Dead

Alice Isn’t Dead is presented in a series of audio diaries about a truck driver searching for her wife she long thought was dead. During her travels, she discovers strange locations and bizarre people. Through her search, she uncovers a larger conspiracy that includes more than just her missing wife. The drama is now in its third season, so start listening and catch up on the series that so many people have been raving about.

The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Archives is a horror podcast that follows an investigation into the supernatural cases of The Magnus Institute by a newly appointed head archivist, Jonathan Sims. Sims, a real person, plays a fictional version of himself as he explores items in the archieve and describes events as they unfold around him. Particularly noteworthy with this podcast is the sound design and mixing. With 160 episodes in its catalog and its professionally put-together production, it is a can’t miss if you like feeling unsettled.

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

Greek’s Guide to the Galaxy launched in 2010 and now appears each week on The show has featured an extensive roster of novelists, directors, showrunners, entertainment personalities, comic book writers, video game designers, fiction and non-fiction writers, political commentators, scientists, and many more guests from a variety of backgrounds.

The series itself has a particular emphasis on fiction in many forms, but talking points grow from there into real science, history, and critical thinking. 

For another reading pastime, explore the varied writing styles of notable authors.