Electronic Typewriters for Writers

A surprising number of industries still rely on electric typewriters to write forms, fill out important memos and documents, and sign checks.

You may also be a writer who is tired of messing with ink and unreliable mechanical typewriters and want something more advanced.

So, the electric typewriter. Yes, they exist, and many people want them. Are you one of them? Here are the top three electric typewriters you should consider.

Brother GX-6750

The Brother GX-6750 Daisy carries an affordable price tag with an impressive list of features. 

One of the most useful features for quick typists is the 65 character lift-off memory that will no longer make you envious of those using computers and writing software. You may also like the automatic paper insertion that helps eliminate misfeeds that can throw off your rhythm and cut your overall productivity.

Other features include caps lock, line indent, flush margins, automatic underlining and centering, bold typing, super and sup-script, one-touch tab set and clear, and a half and express backspace.

Buy the Typewriter Accessory Kit that includes replacement film ribbons, lift-off correction tape, and a Script 10/12 daisy wheel. Once you have everything, there should be little in the way of completing every daily task quickly and efficiently.

Smith Corona WordSmith 250 Typewriter

The Smith Corona WordSmith 250 Typewriter adds an awesome feature when compared to other models: An LCD that displays two lines and 16 characters on each line. There is also a 50,000 word dictionary and 29K file memory with 3 month protection, so you never lose anything important. 

All of this together makes this typewriter excellent for new typists. Making corrections is fast and easy.

This model also comes with full-line memory correction and spellcheck, word search, a decimal tab, a separate paper bail, auto-centering, auto-return and underscore, special symbols, different print sizes, full 9-inch printing, margin alignment, bold option, and much more.

If you are looking for a more full-featured electric typewriter, this is the one you should consider.

Nakajima AE-710 Electronic Typewriter

The Nakajima AE-710 is for those in niche industries or consider themselves power users. This typewriter is larger and heavier than most, but this also its advantage. The typewriter holds a 15-inch carriage and prints on 11-½ inch paper. This is much larger than comparable typewriters, but this is also an excellent choice for those who want versatility or may occasionally handle larger documents.

However, with those advantages, it lacks certain amenities, such as an LCD screen, dictionary, or some other niceties of the Smith Corona WordSmith 250 Typewriter. 

Still, there is a ten-line correction memory that will erase words and sentences up to 700 characters. You also get a paper stand and keyboard cover. There is also a built-in handle so you can heft the typewriter between offices if you are taking notes on the go, travel for work, or like to work away from home periodically.

If you are a professional writer, journalist, or are in a job that requires a typewriter and you have a choice in what to use, seriously give the Nakajima AE-710 a second look.

Final Thoughts

Electric typewriters blend a more analog experience with the niceties of a computer and word processor. While those of us who have grown up with the convenience of writing programs and keyboards aren’t likely to abandon the experience, many still rely on typewriters. So having electric typewriter options is good for them, at least until they go fully digital.