Best Books to Advance Your Writing Skills

As you advance your writing skills, you get to hone in on your style, write more quickly, and communicate more clearly and concisely. 

We all learn to write, but not everyone will strive to achieve a mastery of the craft.

Other than practice, practice, and even more practice, learning from others is a great way to build up your skill level.

Here are a couple of the best books to read if you are serious about writing (editing included)!

Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer is a smartly laid out book that arranges each of its 55 chapters in a way that builds upon previous lessons. 

The book is also incredibly approachable. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the “tool” being discussed, including why it is important to know. Then there are one or more examples that either show how the tool has been used successfully or an example of how the tool can be used to improve a piece of writing.

At the end of each chapter, you are given a series of prompts challenging the writer to identify where they can apply the tool to their writing.

The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style was originally published in 1918. William Strunk Jr. has created a novel that has remained one of the best books a writer can read to better understand the foundations of grammar and good writing. 

If you are new to writing, the book can feel overwhelming. It covers a lot of technical elements of writing, so you will need more than a basic understanding of grammar and the many components of the English language. Stay near your computer so you can reference Google if anything stumps you.

You will want to read this one a few times throughout your life. As you improve as a writer or editor, you will discover something new to learn with each successive read. 

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Part Stephen King biography and part guide to writing, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, King reveals his journey from young boy reading comics, to bestsellers, and his many struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Along the way, he shares what he has learned about what it means to be a good writer and editor, including some of his favorite authors and books.

Whether you are a King fan or not, the thesis book offers many great insights into the mind of one of our World’s most prolific and successful authors.


Some of us take for granted the power of writing. English provides writers of all backgrounds, career paths, and levels of creativity, a way to communicate. You can be a copywriter, a novelist, or someone who occasionally has to write emails or presentations and gain value from the above books. Give them a read and see how they impact your writing!