Sarah Mendoza

Best Fantasy Romance Novels

Romantic fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy fiction that combines many of the features and conventions of the romance genre into its narrative. One of the main characteristics of romantic fantasy is the concentration on relationships, social, political, and romantic. Both fantasy divisions and romance lines have published works in this subgenre. A Heart of …

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5 Reasons Why Journalism Matters

Freedom of the press is the idea that everyone has the right to opinion and expression without interference. Every person, industry, and country relies on accurate and fair journalism. That isn’t to say that every person, industry, or country has access to journalism that isn’t hampered or altered for someone else’s benefit, but we should …

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Exercises and Stretches to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that results from pressure on the median nerve as it passes from the forearm to the wrist. The first signs of carpal tunnel syndrome includes tingling, numbness, or weakness of the hands or fingers. Genetics, repetitive motions, workplace-related stresses, wrist fractures or dislocation, changes in hormones, and genetics are …

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